I work for the Plumber but live for the Carpenter.

Concept Designer, Writer, Game Maker, Daddy of 4 and loving husband of the most amazing woman!

I currently work for Retro Studios – Nintendo. I have 14 years of experience creating AAA console [Wii, WiiU, Switch, Xbox360, PS3] XBL/PSN downloadable, family friendly MMOs, Casino games and Casual video games. I’ve been blessed to work for several major developers and worked on Epic Mickey 2 for Disney. I have also helped develop various titles for Activision/Blizzard, Blue Mammoth, THQ, Zynga, Incinerator Studios, Upper Deck and others.


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So I just recently made a new friend and he shared with me an article about his experiences with game development from an Indie Mobile perspective. Anyone interested in making their own games should read this as it has many great points, it is well written and perhaps for some with minimal insight to the industry will be a reality check for them.

Learn from this man’s experience. It’s a great read and good food for thought!

Click the image to go to the article.





Hey there viewers the concept team I’m apart of at Retro Studios – Nintendo is looking to expand. Were looking for a talented concept artist that can rock the characters and environments. If that’s you check out the image/link below and apply!





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So little more than a year ago I worked for a short period of time with a bunch of great people and talented artists at Multimedia Games. It was a nice but brief break from the console gaming industry. I just wanted to share with you all one of the two games I worked on. Granted I didn’t get to finish the Star Dragon game I think it turned out rather nice! You can see it in action by clicking on the dragon below.  Oh and thanks Sean for wrapping this bad boy up for me!




When I was really little I would constantly read and devour a couple Disney books that my dad had. In there was a curious little fella I had never seen before… Walt Disney’s first super star “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit”. I fell in love with the little guy. I had never seen his cartoons because…well Youtube didn’t exist. But as I grew older and the stone age came to an end my fondness for Oswald grew. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be blessed one day actually be a part of the team that brought him back to life.

But like all things in life there is a beginning and an end. Today is the first official day of a new journey for me and my family. Junction Point Studios – creators of Epic Mickey has closed. It was an amazing ride and I’m so happy to have been a part of it. I’m especially proud of the fact that I was able to paint and Illustrate Walt Disney’s first superstar. Something very few people have been able to do in roughly 80 years. Disney has always been about making dreams come true and they truly did for me.