I work for the Plumber but live for the Carpenter.

Concept Designer, Writer, Game Maker, Daddy of 4 and loving husband of the most amazing woman!

I currently work for Retro Studios – Nintendo. I have 14 years of experience creating AAA console [Wii, WiiU, Switch, Xbox360, PS3] XBL/PSN downloadable, family friendly MMOs, Casino games and Casual video games. I’ve been blessed to work for several major developers and worked on Epic Mickey 2 for Disney. I have also helped develop various titles for Activision/Blizzard, Blue Mammoth, THQ, Zynga, Incinerator Studios, Upper Deck and others.



Hey All,

So after about a month of prep and playing around my site is finally up and running. It’s only taken me 5 years to get a proper website! This will be the home for all my future works, news, rants, sharing of ideas etc. I hope you all enjoy the new content as it comes!

This is just the first phase, over the next couple of months I will putting up new sections in the gallery as well as a store front with various items for sell. I hope you all enjoy the work, thanks for the visit and stay tuned!


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