Adam Fenton

Hello There – Thanks for stopping by humble site. I’m a dad of 4 living in sunny Austin, TX. I’ve been working in the Video Game Industry for the past 20 years Primarily developing console games for Disney, Nintendo, THQ, Activision and others. I’ve spent the first half of my career as a dedicated concept artist. The later half in leadership. It totality I have 5 years of Art Direction under my belt. 

I love making games and love leading teams. As an Art Director I’m a servant leader. It is my goal to make sure my team and those around me have what then need to succeed and thrive. 

My areas of expertise are in:

World Building

If you need to create a world that is deep and believable I have experience and a solid frame work for getting this complicated challenge settled quickly. 


Slightly unusual for a traditional artist, I’m very logic driven and a solid producer. When it comes to art I have several techniques to create high quality art in a timely manner. 

Game Design 

If I could do it all over again I would have gone the designer route. I love to design games. I have one published board game and others on the way. I also design little games in Unity and Unreal. This gives me a very uniques perspective when it comes to Art Direction because I understand both disciplines very well. 

IP Creator

On of my many tasks over the past 20 years as a Concept Artist and Art Director is to create for my clients something new and unseen. I love to help my clients create new visuals so they stand out of the crowd. 

Thanks for stopping by I would love to hear from you if you are interested in what I can bring to your game. 

All the best